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As an economist, entrepreneur and business coach, I love working with people and businesses, especially those that are making a positive change in the world. Success in business is driven by what I call "Bizenergy"or the energy source generating business activities.  I founded A Head Ahead to develop mindsets and systems that generate positive bizenergy and success.  Leveraging over 30 years of business experience, I design frameworks and deliver coaching techniques that fit

the specific needs of my clients.

I hold a degree in Economics, BSc. (University of Toronto) and completed Legal Studies, 

(University of Liverpool). Following a  successful career in the Public Sector as a senior manager, I took a leap of faith to run family business and became the "reluctant entrepreneur".  My journey into the private sector was supported by a business coach, who was an integral part of my success. The experience led me to become a business coach myself in 2014.  

Getting ahead, and staying ahead is all about waking up your mind to the possibilities.  I would love to work with you on your journey ahead!