Our Frameworks

We analyze, develop and/or enhance systems that support your business objectives.   Whether you are in the early stages of growing your business or looking to level up , implementing the right strategic framework can accelerate your journey ahead


Capacity Creator


Optimization of available resources will generate maximum revenues for your business.  What % of potential revenue are you generating?  What is the potential revenue for your business now? Is there a revenue gap that can be filled? Let's discuss opportunities to move ahead.

Focus Finder


'Bizenergy' is the commercial and cultural energy generated by your business. Getting back to the WHY for your business can enhance your bizenergy and overall performance. You will feel the difference in your business and so will your customers. Let's discuss the possibilities that will move you ahead.

Clear Comms

Blue and gold in bowl.jpeg

Success in business relies on strong B2B, B2C and interpersonal connections. Learning and using communication styles will improve performance internally and enhance customer satisfaction.  Let's discuss the possibilities that can move your business ahead.


Money Matters


Keeping a positive cash flow is sometimes  easier said than done. Understanding the chain of events that creates a flow of revenue through your business is key to developing strategies that will generate more  money.  

Let's analyze your value chain and discuss the possibilities to move ahead faster.

Meeting Mastery


The 'art of the deal' is all about leveraging  money as a source of energy. So, managing the energy (positive and negative) during negotiations is the winning strategy for dealmaking.  Learn negotiation skills that create a 'pull' towards your deal instead of a 'push' away from a sales pitch.

With six (6) easy steps  you can master any meeting and get ahead of your competition.

Fully Functional 

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For optimal performance, business systems must be functional as well as efficient. Do you have the right people, with the right skills, in the right roles? 

Getting it right can accelerate your business performance and put you ahead.