• Catherine Guilbard

Simon says "Start with WHY"

WHY in the context of business refers to purpose or intent. Simon Sinek explains how our limbic or reptilian brain governs emotions and memory, which is where we connect with our WHY. So it stands to reason that knowing your WHY in business can create an emotional connection between your teams and customers through your products and /or services. Starting A Head Ahead came from my WHY, which is to help businesses succeed by creating an awareness of mindset as a means of expanding possibilities.

Dory's Story

Recently, I had lunch with a girlfriend and learned all about her artistic endeavors. Clearly she was passionate about her work, and she wanted to make the move towards starting a business. Her head was awash with all the possibilities. So, I advised her to start with the WHY, and as she contemplated this out it came along with the tears. She found her WHY and with it came the clarity and motivation to take the next step towards commercializing her artwork.

Do you know the WHY behind your business. If you want to get ahead of the curve, start with the WHY and wake up to the possibilities it can generate.

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